Neda River

  • Neda River


Among the peaks of Mountain Tetrazio, at the northern end of Messinia, Neda, the only female-gender river of Greece, flows towards the gulf of Kiparissia. Neda has formed the natural boundary between Achaia and Ilia for ages, ever since the Dorian tribes, Heracles descendants, took over the Peloponnese with their iron weapons.

The waters of Neda begin their journey from the numerous springs at the foot of Mountain Lycaeon, near the village of Petra, they meet with tributaries and streams from the nearby mountains. They follow an amazing, meandering course through narrow gorges, cool clearings and verdant ravines, they flow under arched, stone bridges and through dark caves and falls, to the fertile meadows of the Kiparissia Gulf, covering a distance of 32 km.