Castle of Pylos - Niocastro

  • Castle of Pylos - Niocastro


In Navarino bay, near the town of Pylos, there are two castles: the newest castle of Navarino or Niokastro and the older one Paliokastro or Palionavarino. Niokastro was built in 1573 by the Turks and remained in their possession until 1686, when they surrendered to the Venetians.

In 1715 the Turks re-conquer Niokastro along with Koroni and Palionavarino. In 1825, Ibrahim Pasha becomes chief of Niokastro until 1828, when it is released by the French General, Maison.During the Second World War it was the original Italian and later German headquarters of the wide area.